Plugin Launched to Tap Google’s Ranking via Social Signals

Online marketers have commenced leveraging social signals, the newest parameter that search engines like Google and Bing have admitted to using to rank social websites. Social Metrics Pro is one of the plugins that was announced this week.

In order to gain the best leverage out of Google’s recently announced ranking system using social signals, a new plugin known as Social Metrics Pro has been launched. This plugin is compatible with the WordPress platform and is available in a downloadable format.

For the uninitiated, Google announced about a month ago that it has started using feeds from social networking portals to rank the popularity of websites. With the advent of Web 2.0, people have become more actively participating in the working of the Internet rather than merely browsing it. Google feels that the number of comments and shares that website content receives through social networking websites is the right parameter to judge its popularity. Always one to be the pioneer, the Google search engine has used these feeds as the new ranking factors.

Among the social networking platforms that Google has targeted are included Twitter and Facebook. Every tweet made through Twitter and every like through Facebook is now a yardstick along which Google measures the popularity of websites.

Social Metrics Pro helps online entrepreneurs as it gives a true picture of the social popularity of online content. It uses a simple color coding system to illustrate this popularity. Content that is more popular is coded green while the one that needs attention is coded red. With this color coding system, it becomes easier for the marketer to convert the reds to greens, which means they can propel the viability of their content across online social networks.

Currently, Social Metrics Pro is capable of measuring Facebook Likes, Twitter Tweets, Google Plus +1s and several other social signals such as those from StumbleUpon and Digg. The plugin is being developed further so as to be able to measure social signals from other social networks as well.

Daniel Tan, a developer of Social Metrics Pro, says, “With Google’s newest announcement, there has been a lot of activity in the world of search engine optimization. Backlinking has now become passé; and marketers are looking at how to improve the visibility of their content on social networking websites. We purport to make this task easier for the online marketer with Social Metrics Pro.”

Social Metrics Pro has been also launched with a limited time Unlimited Sites Version, where it can be used to assess the performance of an unlimited number of websites with the same software inclusion. http://44albert9.getproven.hop.clickbank.netRepublished with author’s permission by Sterling Bryant <a href=""></a>.

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