Review of LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training with marketing expert George Kosch

Posted on November 24, 2020

Oh man! Did you miss an incredible bootcamp training session!
Here’s the review and information on how to access the recording – and you WILL want to watch the recording.
George Kosch welcomed all participants to the LIVE home business bootcamp training session.
He kicked the program off with a demonstration of a new Worldprofit service – VIDEO BLOGS.
By now you should know what a Blog. It is a site where you can post content, links, images, articles and more.
Blogs are powerful because they are filled with keywords and links that are attractive to search engines.
Updating your blog on a regular basis keeps the search engines coming back to index your site which helps with keyword site ranking especially for
niche blogs.
Now what you may not be as familiar with is VIDEO BLOGS. Google owns YouTube. Google spiders the web constantly and videos are indexed quickly. If
you have both video AND content on your blog, you INCREASE Google and other search engines interest in your site. The more often your site is visited by search engines, and the more FRESH content you have on your site the better indexed your site will be. The more QUALITY content you have, and the more videos you post the better.
Worldprofit offers an OPTIONAL service where we set up a VIDEO BLOG for you, for a one time setup fee.
Here are the details of what you get when you order your own Video Blog Plug In from Worldprofit.
1. We set up a Video Blog site on YOUR domain with this kind of URL: (Your domain name would replace the one in the example)
2. All security patches and hosting are handled by Worldprofit for the one time fee to install. You keep the Video Blog site as long as you are a
Silver/Platinum Hosting Customer.
Some Key Points About Video Blogs:
– Video Blog sites attract traffic and busy sites attract Google for search engine indexing. – IMPORTANT: video blogs are tied to your free Channel. We show you how all of this can be done at NO extra cost. – Video Blog sites expand your online property! – We will give you sources to software to record your screen or more importantly Worldprofit’s Live Business Center. – Worldprofit’s Live Business Center provides you with an ENDLESS source of video to record. Post with a short description and rank high in search
engines. – Once set up YOU are in control and can grow your site using the incredible power of WordPress! -use your Video Blog to generate leads -use your Video Blog to build your email marketing list -generate more traffic by adding fresh content on a regular basis.
We value our hosting customers tremendously and that’s why we offer this service for just a ONE time setup cost.
Once set up YOU are in control and can grow your site using the incredible power of WordPress!
Here’s how to find out more about getting your own VIDEO BLOG.
In your member area on LEFT MENU, select PLUGINS/Blogs/Cpanel then click on VIDEO BLOGS
Discussion Points
George then spent some talking about spam comments, something that plagues most Blog owners, and what you can do about it.
Next discussion topic was about Twitter and other social media and how to use them intelligently.
At the request of a participant, George provided a demonstration of the Personal Live Business.
What’s in Development
George provided a preview of something he has been researching and working on to help our Members more effectively use Safelists. It’s a timer saver.
The recording of the training program will be posted to your Worldprofit Member within 24 hours to the TRAINING section.
Next LIVE training with George Kosch is next Friday in the Worldprofit Training Center.
For 20 years now, Worldprofit has been helping people around the world learn how to earn at home from reputable online sources. Get a free Associate membership today and see for yourself how we can help you too. Republished with author’s permission by Sterling Bryant <a href=”“></a>. Check out Genius Lander V2 ->

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